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Maths Time Joy co-writes and produces "Baby Teeth" by Joel Baker ft Jordy and James Vickery

Joel Baker makes his return with his first release of the year "Baby Teeth", featuring R&B singer James Vickery and Essex-based rapper Jordy.

The track, co-written and produced by Maths Time Joy, is already receiving incredible support, with a placement on the Noteable Releases Shelf within the Songwriters Hub and a feature and cover on the Noteable Releases playlist.

On the release, GRM DAILY shares:

“Baby Teeth” fuses acoustic, soul and hip-hop influences to create a sultry mood; further elevated by vocals from two artists that are making waves in the scene right now – R&B singer James Vickery and Essex-based rapper Jordy.
Speaking on the track Joel says: “I was writing a lot of poetry at the time, on the themes of life as you know it, being crushed, but there is better to come. In the middle of the crushing, I found solace in discovering this universal pattern in nature, of death and being reborn into something even more glorious."

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