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Maths Time Joy co-produces "Love on the Side" by James Gillespie

Maths Time Joy joins Ed Thomas (Stormzy, Jorja Smith, Tom Grennan) on production duties for James Gillespie latest release "Love on the Side".

As on XS Noize, James shares:

"Love On The Side" is a story about being so in love and feeling all those emotions that you have been searching for, but with someone already in a relationship. It's hoping that this person is the one for you but wondering why they are still in their current relationship if they feel the same. If you're head over heels, how do you stop loving someone if they don’t feel the same? You have tried to be their side piece but have fallen so deep that it's just not possible any longer. Saying goodbye to someone you love is hard but having that realisation is important. Especially when, even with so much love, you can’t go on with it any longer. It comes to the conclusion that if they love you like you love them then they wouldn’t be lying beside someone else at the same time. IF IT'S RIGHT FOR YOU - YOU'RE NOT RIGHT FOR ME.

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