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Linden Jay produces Erick The Architect's entire debut 5 track EP 'Future Proof'

Following on from the releases of 'Let It Go' feat. FARR and Loyle Carner and 'WTF' feat. Col3trane, both co-written and produced by Linden Jay, today Erick The Architect releases his debut EP Future Proof. Produced start to finish by Linden Jay, with track 4 'Die 4 U' even seeing Linden secure a feature credit, the record is a testament to the close-knit chemistry that has formed between the Erick and Linden over the past 12 months despite working remotely on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

Clash Mag rates the EP 8/10 saying "Searching for an answer through messages of empowerment, compassion, and humanity, he manoeuvres through an assortment of textures to see how we as beings can ‘Future Proof’ ourselves from today’s societal challenges."

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