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Linden Jay and Sillkey co-write and co-produce "BE OTW" by Joony ft Lily Rayne

Producers and songwriters Linden Jay and Sillkey both appear in the production and writing credits of "BE OTW", sixth track from the 21-year-old Maryland native Joony.

Talking about the album, the artist shares:

A lot of people aren’t going to feel the same way as me about this, but I felt like with my "Proud Of U" EP, I didn’t really put my best music out at the time. I feel like "PRETTY IN BLACK" is sort of my redemption in terms of my feelings toward my music. "Proud Of U" was rushed… But this "PRETTY IN BLACK" moment is where I’m really showing the world I’m coming back stronger than ever.

Stream "BE OTW" from the album "Pretty In Black"

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