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King Ed produces new Only The Poets record "Crash"

The newest single from Only the poets was released on all streaming platforms on June 8, 2023, produced by King Ed.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Tommy Longhurst of the band spoke on the creation of the single with TotalNtertainment:

"Crash is all about battling with your own emotions. The times when you feel everything is going great in your life, but somehow you latch onto the negatives, like it’s too good to be true.We wanted the track to have elements of calm and chaos to reflect the concept. King Ed brought the song’s conception and meaning to life during the production process; he allowed us to encapsulate our vision of those moments of calm through sparse and electronic-inspired verses, before being plunged into short bursts of band-focussed chaos through the song’s most energetic moments. Dan Grech finished the process by bringing punch and clarity with his amazing mix.”

Watch the official music video here:


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