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Kes secures assistant mixer credit for Foals' new album "Life Is Yours"

Stream the album here:

Oxford band Foals depart from their alternative indie roots and have explored a more dance-rock sound in their seventh album "Life Is Yours", with Kes acting as an assistant mixer alongside legendary mix engineer Mark "Spike" Stent. Resulting from the pandemic and being in lockdown, Foals have expressed that the purpose of the album was to make a 'going out' record, as is highlighted by lead singer Yannis in the second verse of title track "Life Is Yours".

Foals' lead singer Yannis discusses the reason behind the album:

We were thinking about parties, club nights and being drunk on the bus at 2am trying to get home. All of it: the excitement before you go out, meeting up with your friends, the wild abandon.

Watch the Official Music Video for "Life Is Yours" here:


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