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Kes mixes RIZ LA VIE's debut album "Haven"

Stream "Haven" here:

Indie-pop artist RIZ LA VIE has returned with his debut album "Haven", mixed by Kieran Beardmore (aka "Kes"). The 15-track album discusses the artist's personal experiences through 'masterful storytelling skills, poetic lyrics, and soulful vocals;' with the inclusion of 'R&B, hip-hop and indie music to create a unique sound'. The release of "Haven" has lead to high levels of anticipation for the artists's North American tour, set to kick off in September.

Speaking about the album, LA VIE said:

The album feels like the juxtaposition between impending doom and finding safety. Dualism is so big in my everyday life. I'm always on these two sides of everything. So on the album you really feel this sense of push and pull toward the light and then back to dark, back to the light and dark…


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