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Kes mixes Lo Lauren's new track "Only One on Earth"

Stream "Only One on Earth" here:

Lo Lauren's new track "Only One on Earth" has already reached the TikTok Pop Hits top 10 within two weeks of its release and sees her cementing her role in the current 'UK Pop Renaissance'. Having already had a role in Lo Lauren's debut single 'Never the One', Kieran aka "Kes" has joined forces with the pop-princess yet again for her sophomore release - a highly anticipated track due to the impressive industry-backing she received in response to her debut song.

The uplifting song contrasts with lyrics that discuss being faced with rejection after confessing your feelings for someone and the longing to be that persons 'Only One on Earth'.

Talking about the track, she says:

"Only One on Earth" is about putting yourself out there, telling someone you like them and being flat out rejected. It's heartbreaking, savage and embarrassing! And in moments where your feelings are unrequited and you're knocked back, it's suddenly like everyone around you is extra loved up and happy, which leaves you feeling even more sad and alone"

Watch the Official Music Video for "Only One on Earth" here:


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