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Kes does mixes Peach PRC's new EP "Manic Dream Pixie"

Stream "Manic Dream Pixie" here:

Kieran Beardmore aka "Kes" has mixed country-pop talent Peach PRC's new EP "Manic Dream Pixie". Jumping to the music scene in 2019, Peach PRC has already made a name for herself with her hilarious social media posts but also incredible ability to tell intricate stories through her music.

‘Loved You Before’ is the strongest showcase of her narrative skills, telling the tale of an eon-spanning romance via downright adorable lyrics (“I bet we were a couple’ bugs / Just livin’ in the mud / Happily in love, doing bug stuff”) that flow sleekly over syrupy sweet indie-pop. Love shines at the heart of this EP as a whole, with every other track approaching that theme from wildly different angles.

Watch the Official Lyric Video for "Loved You Before" here:


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