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Jay Pryor remixes 'Grip' by Seeb x Bastille

Notable for adding their Midas touch to other artists tracks, Norwegian heavyweights Seeb enlist the talents of Jay Pryor for a fresh new spin on ‘Grip’ - their collaborating single with Bastille

‘Grip’ was released late last year and has already amassed over 26M Spotify streams alone. The production duo proves themselves to be no less masterful at taking another artist’s musical vision and enhancing it with their own unique take on dance-floor hits with a human sensibility. ‘Grip’ is an unconventional blend of melancholy and euphoria, merging Bastille’s infectious lyrics and Dan Smith’s unique vocals with Seeb’s undeniable production prowess. The track is also featured on Bastille’s highly anticipated fourth Mixtape, ‘Other People’s Heartache Pt.4 out now.

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