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Jay Pryor releases Piano House remix by UK electronic music duo Wh0 for his latest record 'By Now'

Following the release of Dublin born electronic artist and DJ Jay Pryor’sBy Now’, comes a slamming remix from UK house talent Wh0. With the original generating over 700K global streams to date and plays across national airways including BBC Radio 1, KISS & KISS Fresh.

Jay Pryor has been making some serious waves of late with no signs of slowing down with a string of releases and huge performances across 2019. His ‘Finding Our Way’ EP was a sure-fire success with over 11 million streams on ‘Make Luv’ and almost 10 million on ‘So What’. Releases aside, Jay has taken to the main stage at some major events including Balaton Sound in Hungary, headlining Ministry Of Sound and sharing the top billing on the Matoma tour.

Moving through the ranks over the last eight months, Wh0’s success has rocketed. Decked in black masks and fearless in their studio execution, the mysterious UK pair have already been seducing some of house music’s biggest players. A plethora of remixes for Basement Jaxx saw Wh0 take on two of the British icon’s hits ‘Romeo’ and ‘Where’s Your Head At’. This spurred on a range of figureheads enrolling for their remix services with Sigma, The Prodigy, Mercer and now Jay Pryor extending requests.

Their music has propelled them on to the agenda’s forefront. Unintimidated when stamping their own sound on tracks, they have added their UK piano house punch on this groove-ridden remix. Wh0 have propelled ‘By Now’ into a thumping anthemic floor filler, with enough energy to light up dancefloors everywhere.

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