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Hampus Lindvall produces vocals on Zara Larsson new track "Words"

Hampus Lindvall recorded and produced the vocals on Alesso and Zara Larsson new track "Words" that came out today accompanied by a high-concept video.

Talking about the track, T.HE. - Music Essentials share:

An undeniable triumph from the two Swedish powerhouses, “Words” is written by the global superstars along with Karen Poole (Kylie Minogue) and recent Brit-award winning songstress Becky Hill. The song merges Alesso’s dynamic sound design with a magnetic vocal performance from Zara.
With its dizzying yet immaculately arranged layers of beats, the high-energy track takes on a thrilling intensity as Zara confesses to a certain fear of vulnerability in love (from the massively catchy chorus: “I got the words ‘I love you’ sitting on the tip of my tongue”). All glossy hooks and unbridled emotion, “Words” ultimately arrives as an unstoppable anthem for owning your fear and following your heart.

Stream "Words"

Follow Hampus Lindvall:

Instagram: @hampuslindvall



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