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Hampus Lindvall co-writes and co-produces "Getting Better" by New Hope Club

Hampus Lindvall co-wrote and - together with Phil Simmonds - produced New Hope Club's new track "Getting Better", released with "Girl That Can Do Both" as a double A-side of sorts for the 2020s.

Talking about their upcoming project and differences from their debut record, the band shares:

We were very young when we made the first album. That was a collection of songs over a five-year period, from us being 15 or 16. It got Top 5 in the UK, which was a huge achievement we were so proud of. But, as soon as we went to start touring the album, the world shut down. That gave us moment to think about how far we’ve come, the new album and some things we weren’t happy with.
We felt we weren’t as creative, involved or meticulous with the first album as we could’ve been. We’ve been given full creative control of this next album, which is amazing. We’ve written and produced the whole thing, in the UK and LA.

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