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grentperez releases new track mixed by Kes and further N. America dates

Stream new single "When We Were Younger (feat. Cavetown)":

Stream new EP "When We Were Younger":

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Purchase tour tickets here:

Watch the music video for "When We Were Younger (feat. Cavetown)" on YouTube below:

On July 14th grentperez released new track "When We Were Younger (feat. Cavetown)" - a reimagined version of his title track from his highly anticipated "When We Were Younger" EP and mixed by our very own Kieran Beardmore (aka "Kes"). The 'nostalgia-inducing, retro-style' animated music video was also featured on a billboard in LA, garnering the track even more attention. The collab comes just as grentperez joins Cavetown for a run of shows on his 'Bittersweet Daze Tour'.

Similarly, just weeks after the release of "When We Were Younger" track with Cavetown, grentperez has taken to Instagram to announce 10 additional North.American dates for his very own 'growing up?' tour - with upgraded venues. With twelve of the shows already entirely sold out, it's clear that the demand for his live shows is growing rapidly.


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