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grentperez releases new single 'Us Without Me'

grentperez returns with the melodic track 'Us Without Me.' The drama rich single is released alongside a nostalgic visualizer. grent continues to evolve with his music, this latest release is no exception. Confident and steady, the indie-pop artist has found his own unique style shifting the genre and creating his own unique niche.

Stream the release here:

About the release, grentperez says:

This song takes on the perspective of a person who's lost their love to someone else. Heartbroken and forced to observe this newly found couple, the main character wallows in the imagination of what could've been. 'Us Without Me' makes you stare out the window and into your own thoughts.

The official visualizer for the track displays scenes of old toys boxed up, empty swing sets and forgotten figurines on the playground floor, evoking the melancholy and longing in the song's lyrics. The track marks another milestone in grentperez's huge year ahead. grentperez is currently on the road as part of the 2023 Wine Machine lineup and will be traveling to the states in late May to play his sold-out headline tour. Grent will also join The Bittersweet Daze Tour as a special guest in the US over July and August 2023.


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