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grentperez releases highly anticipated ‘When We Were Younger’ EP + features on Time Square billboard

Stream new EP "When We Were Younger":

Proving again his endless versatility as an artist, rising star grentperez has today released his

highly anticipated EP ‘When We Were Younger’ and focus track ‘Stuck On You’. Conceived as a means to get out of a songwriting rut, ‘When We Were Younger’ is seven song collection centred around the concept of nostalgia. He described the project as:

a collection of music each relating to figures of the past, whether it be in love, loss, families and friendship.

grentperez spoke about the motivation behind the track 'Stuck On You', saying:

I wrote this song the first time I had been away from my friends at home for more than a month. I felt like I left just as things were getting good, so this song was a recollection of fond memories and a call to make new ones and wanted to speak about making up for the time we’d lost since I'd been gone.

If the release of the EP hadn't garnered enough attention already however, further promotions this week included grentperez's Spotify profile being projected across the main billboard in Time Square - to which he rushed to Instagram to express his gratitude. This is now the second time this has happened to the indie artist, and no doubt won't be the last.

You can now pre-order the physical "When We Were Younger" vinyl here.

Purchase tickets to see grentperez and "When We Were Younger" live here.


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