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grentperez peforms for triple j's Like A Version: 'Teacher's Pet' from School of Rock

Watch the incredible performance here:

grentperez has made his debut appearance on triple j’s Like a Version segment, performing a rendition of the song ‘Teacher’s Pet’ from School of Rock.

On the performance, NME says:

The Sydney singer-songwriter’s rendition brings a considerably more chill, blissed-out energy to the original version. grentperez assumes the lead vocal role originally delivered by Jack Black in the 2003 film, joined by a backing band that included a drummer, keyboardist, bassist and mini brass band.

grentperez adds:

“‘Teacher’s Pet’ undoubtedly is already a good song by itself, but I’ve been wanting to sing that song since probably year seven or eight, but never really got the chance to,” grentperez explained in a post-performance interview. “I got offered to do this, and I thought, ‘Hell yeah. Let’s just do it.'”

Watch the post performance interview below:


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