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grentperez & Lime Cordiale release 'Op Shop Lover' prod. by Linden Jay and mixed by Kieran Beardmore

Stream 'Op Shop Lover' here:

Featuring Australian pop-rock group Lime Cordiale, new bubbly track 'Op Shop Lover' by grentperez talks of a love of sifting through charity shops with someone to find hidden treasures. As expressed by grentperez, it is a 'lighthearted, carefree jam' and is the 'song to accompany your op shop journey'.

Lime Cordiale talking about the track:

"We’re Op-Shop Lovers. The three of us”
“There’s nothing cooler than someone that loves thrift-shops and clothes from old grandpas so we had to write about it.”
“We have the same sense of humor and musical taste. Very excited to release this to the world. Hopefully you find the record in an op-shop one day.”

Lime Cordiale and grentperez will reunite for Australian music festival 'Spilt Milk' later this year before Perez kicks off his AU/NZ ‘growing up?’ headline tour in December.

Watch the Official Visualizer for 'Op Shop Lover' here:


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