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'grentperez is just getting started' says Rolling Stone Australia

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grentperez's praises have been sung this week by Rolling Stone Australia in their article titled 'The Rise and Rise of grentperez', with the author Matt Slocum stating the indie star is 'right where he belongs'.

The article highlights monumental moments Grant has already experienced in his early career such as the success of his most recent album 'When We Were Younger', supporting Rex Orange County on the Australian leg of his 2023 tour and the achievement of already having a sold out North American tour at the age of 21.

The article then goes on to emphasize the importance of Perez's Filipino influence when it comes to his writing, accrediting the ongoing themes of 'love, romance and nostalgia' to the Filipino music he listened to growing up. Expressing why grentperez is so clearly only 'just getting started', Slocum finally lists Perez's admirable features that will undoubtedly earn him a lengthy career in music:

he possesses all the tools for the future: talented, marketable, ambitious, thoughtful, but also, crucially, level-headed. That’s why the grentperez story is only in its early chapters.


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