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F Word releases playful interview and photoshoot with grentperez

On March 21, 2023 F Word Magazine released an playful photoshoot and interview with rising star grentperez. The interview highlights the release of his latest single 'Us Without Me' where grent explains how it "takes on the perspective of a person who's lost their love to someone else."

The article analyzes the common thread in grent's music - love. They interviewer states "love seems to be the narrative that floods across Grant's work; you can really feel that he feeds off the people around him, and uses that as the catalyst to inspire music to make you melt through laid back listening." F Word also touches on the nostalgic nature of grent's visualizer and utilizes the "Toy-Story-esque theme" to inspire the photoshoot.

grentperez' interview with F Word's Rachel Edwards continues in an easy-going tone and the two discuss everything from music, to family, to love and even to Mr. Bean.


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